Thursday, 2 January 2014

Are you 'the one'?

Close your eyes for two minutes and think. What is the craziest time you have had in your life until now? The silliest thing you have done? Which is the 'man-that-time-was-fun' moment of your life? 
I'm sure most of your answers will be from your high school time. 
Remember that time when you used to think to yourself, "I would do anything to be 18! I just want to be an adult already, want freedom!"? Well, now that you are, are you happy? If you are, I think you haven't had the best of chidhood. If I was given a chance, I would definitely want to go back in time and relive my high school. I'm not saying I didn't face any problems. In fact, I have never experienced as much politics anywhere else. Friends, relationships, fights, misunderstandings, rumors, betrayals, heart-breaks. So much life! I think a person lives an entire life's emotions in his school life.

Now, how many of you have met 'the one' in your school? You would probably be thinking, that's total bull shit, never happens. Wrong. It does. Let me explain myself. 

It was the month of August, my favorite month (i.e. my birth month) when I first saw him. He was late by 10 days to come back to school after vacation, as he had been travelling across the world. He seemed popular in the school crowd. I was one among the few new students of the 11th standard, who barely talked to anyone in the first week of school. There was something in his grey eyes that pulled me to talk to him, but I couldn't gather the guts. 

He played basketball with his group of close friends, and I would just sit in a corner silently, watching him. In class he would make everyone laugh with his witty sense of humour, which would make me smile everytime I would think about him. He was a brilliant flutist, and had given concerts in many countries. And still, I didn't try going upto him.

Finally, one day in the english hour, we were given a project to work on, and we were divided in teams. He was in my team. And that's how we started talking. From then on, I started loving to go to school. I would go only to be able  to talk to him for some time in the day, to watch him smile. But I never had any expectations of anything more than that. I was happy to have him as a friend. 

It was not long before we became very close. We would talk for hours after school. We got to know each other really well. But all this while, we never talked about relationships. Soon, I realized that I really liked him. He used to be on my mind all the time. And so, he became my secret crush, which only my best friend knew about. 

After a month, I came to know that he had a girlfriend. I didn't feel anything, actually I half expected him to have one. And anyway, I never thought that a guy like him would ever date a girl like the-then-me. After some days, I asked him about her, asked him the story. He wasn't very open about the topic, so I changed the subject, made it a point to never talk about it again. 

Then, something very strange happened. 

He broke up with her. This was shocking, but I felt like dancing. I realized that I was being selfish, and tried to not flirt with him and tell him that I liked him. We started hanging out more often. I had a 20% hope that he would fall in love with me someday. But of-course it was very faint, and less-likely to happen. 

After long hours of discussion with my best friend and his friends, I decided to give it a try. I decided to ask him out. I knew that if he refused, things would screw up between us, and I would lose him as a friend as well. But the fact that I loved him was much more powerful than the fear of refusal. Yes, I really did love him, as this had never happened with me before. I had been in and out of relationships, but never did I feel the way I did now. And never. did I. ask a guy out. Never. It was always the other way round.

Finally, I called him up, and asked him if he could join me for a movie. He agreed. After the movie, we went for lunch. And then was the moment. I looked into his eyes, and asked him, " Would you like to, maybe, umm, date me?" And I would never forget his answer. He smiled his beautiful smile, and said, "How can I say no to those cute eyes?" 

That day changed my life forever.

It is said that some things are meant to happen. Some people are meant to meet. He changed me. He made me who I am today. He inspired me. It is not just about love, he taught me to be a better person. I owe him everything. 

So, if people say that high school romance is infatuation, it is 99% true. But there are some in the 1%, who join hands for an entire wonderful lifetime.  

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