Friday, 8 November 2013

Coming soon: Change of the millenium

While we grew up in the 90's with superheroes superman, batman, spiderman and powerpuff girls, the kids of this decade love the current tech-dream superhero: Ironman. Ironman has become so popular everywhere that kids want ironman costumes for their birthdays. However, to us, the techies, it is a whole different dream that we want to achieve. This movie literally takes us to the future of mankind, ruled by talking robots and flying screens. But the question that we must ask ourselves is, is this ever going to happen? Well, it really is upto us. If I step into this field on the right path, I am sure I would give my life to make the best of everything. I would have my own Jarvis and I would be living in a penthouse talking to my hundreds of robots. That is everyone's fantasy.

To begin with, people around the world are working on some very cool things like face recognition, gesture recognition, speech recognition etc that form the basis of complex robotic structures. The screens that are shown in ironman are just a step away as that can easily be achieved by creative coding. Technology is improving so fast that it is becoming difficult to keep track of even most of the new software realeases. To keep up, you just have to be in the present, keep your ears and eyes open, and work. 

I think robotics is the next big thing. Presently, from our country,  not many colleges promote it (sadly my college being one among them). Students who are really interested in this field should work together and create the unimaginable. 

The future as I see it: I wake up with an alarm telling me to wake up. A screen tells and shows me the temperature and weather outside, and shows me my workout schedule for the day. I run on my treadmill with virtual environment (something that I will work on), my version of Jarvis would give me the schedule for the day and keep me company all the time. No more heavy laptops. Just a screen that seems to pop up from nowhere as soon as you give a voice command. All this with gadgets like the google glass and the driverless car. The driverless car is just the most amazing innovation, not having to stress yourself in raging traffic(especially in my country). I think the google glass needs to be worked on a little bit more. But anyway, this is how my future is going to be, pretty confident about it. 

How do you see your future? Take a minute, and Think about it.      


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    1. To me the future I see is a world where eyesight is a human right. Bionics and prosthetic limbs and organs are highly advanced improving quality of life for everyone. Stem cell research will provide a way, if not, as you said robotics will show the way. If anyone remembers automail(did I spell it right?) from full-metal alchemist? That is a reality sooner than you think. And wars will slowly become history as diplomacy takes over. The Syrian civil war we see is one of the last large scale violence. Nuclear disarmament and reduction in the military forces around the world will see a happier, more peaceful life on Earth. I see myself getting an M.D in sports medicine(orthopedics or podiatry or ophthalmology(not sure about this one)-)

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    2. @Bharat: I totally agree with you. Medical and technological fields are seeing lots of new inventions everyday. Our country is improving on a global scale. Indian Research needs people though. There are a lot of brilliant Indians who do not work for our country's research but rather go to other countries and work there. However that shouldn't be our major concern now, we should consider the changes that we can bring on a global basis, regardless of nationality.