Saturday, 30 November 2013

Pre-Last-Exam-Post-Exam Excitement

Saturday. What a wonderful day. Writing a new post after more than a fortnight. So, let me not start by the summary of how my last week was.

Some days are just extra-ordinary. Today is a party day in my hostel, a day when people take a break from the usual exam pressure and chill out doing whatever they love to do and whatever they had to ban themselves from since exams started. Many plan on watching movies, catch up on their regular serials, go around to other rooms to socialize, and the rest sleep. And here I am, doing what I love doing, updating you guys with my over exciting life. :P

I am so excited that I am confused to the point that I do not know what to type next. And the following are the possible reasons:

1. I have my last exam day after tomorrow, after which I am travelling to the most beautiful place in the sweet little world of mine, to my sister, home. :)

2. I have a month filled with lots of excitement waiting for me. A journey that will probably change my life. And I am very passionately looking forward to it.

 Sometimes when you think too much about the future, you just get too carried away and lose your concentration on the present day, which is happening to me right now, and which most probably is happening to  many people here.  But irrespective of what or how much you think, it's not going to change anything until you act. You think you want something, you believe you want something, you realise you need something, you share your need for the need with someone, you do everything you can to get what you want ---> you feel like you have achieved everything in the world, you feel happy.

It takes just a few seconds for the world's greatest idea to occur to a human brain. What really makes the difference is how the brain of that human reacts to it and how he takes it forward to the world. There are yet innumerable undiscovered elements of technology that people have to explore. And this opportunity is given to the present batch of engineers and scientists, who are curious and excited to implement their own ideas for improving the life of the millions of people across the world. And this is the biggest reason for my super excitedness, as I belong to this set of engineers.
Can't wait to change the world. :)

Yes, I am ambitious. And yes, I am a little too much of a dreamer. But hey, dreams are the beginning of every wonderful journey. So, dream. It's free.
And work, it gives you freedom. And run, it adds to your lovely life a couple of extra years. ;)


  1. So, when are you making me run? ;)

    1. Haha, soon enough, whenever you decide to wake up early. :P

  2. More than content,I liked your way of writing. Sentence are in good rythem. Overall its' awesome.