Monday, 4 November 2013

Life after Fedora happened to me.

Like most of the kids, I have grown up with windows as my operating system. I didn't even know there were other systems available until I got to college! Yes, I have had a very non-techie life. Even though my dad is the best computer science teacher I have ever come across, I had no idea what all this is actually about, never cared to ask him. First year of college passed by and I was done with an introductory course in C. The beginning to this new world of programming was not very pleasant, as one would expect. As second year started, I came across C++ and Java. C++ taught me some cool things. Athough I can't say it is better than Java, it is an awesome language for creative coding, something which I am really interested in. Ofcourse I have my  inspirations. Sarup Banskota, currently in 3rd yr CSE, is a designer, and has been a GSoC student. He is truly an inspiration to me because he always does whatever he actually finds interesting. And he loves what he does. The spirit and energy to do something big, that is what makes the difference. He is part of the fedora team now. That is one of the ways I came to know about fedora. I had heard about it before, but never had the courage to get rid of windows and install linux. Gradually I got more and more interested and my desire to switch to a linux-based OS grew everyday. Finally one day I decided that I will ditch the cool looking windows 8 and switch to fedora. Even though most people think Ubuntu is the best linux OS, I favored Fedora(partly because of Sarup). In the starting few days, I had some problems installing new software, using the terminal, getting introduced to repositories and the most imporatant thing, to open source. But like I had heard about fedora, I started falling in love with it. Now whenever I am not with my laptop, or in class, I just keep thinking about the stuff that I would do on my laptop after I get back to the room. Let me tell you, this feeling is awesome :) because you actually are so motivated to learn new cool stuff everyday! Proud to be a fedora-lover. \m/ (Can't wait for the alpha fedora-20!)


  1. Yay, thanks for mentioning me! :D

    1. Fedora 20 Alpha is out, beta will release soon enough, and the final F20 release will hopefully happen around New Year. We're especially excited about this one cuz this marks 10 years of Fedora and we hope to make it the best ever ;)

    2. As someone who walked all the way from the hostel till the main block just to retype one word on a poster with the alignment right, I can't help but nitpick - try to switch to a more readable theme for the blog. This is a good-looking theme, but design-wise not a great option for two reasons - a) The readability is poor b) It causes FOUC (read more about it), especially on slower internet.

    3. I'm totally proud to have been able to steer some of you towards open source development, so please continue being curious and adventurous. I owe my involvement to my seniors.

    4. Do continue blogging, I would love to watch you get better at it :)

    5. Add my twitter/blog link to the name :P

    Good luck!

  2. @Sarup: Thanks a lot for the suggestions :) I included your twitter link to your name and have changed my theme. (things I do to keep up with your suggestions! :P)

  3. F20 has been released today I guess!