Saturday 9 November 2013

Gearing up for GSoC : #Tknow

Google Summer of Code is a global program that offers students stipends for spending their summer writing code for open source projects that benefits humanity. There are GSoC meetings happening around the different time zones, where the experienced guys introduce the idea of open source and a bit about GSoC to the newbies. 

The tech{know}logy club (which is the coolest club of my college) also conducted a GSoC meet up on 9th November, 13. The crowd turn up was around 60, majorly from computer science and IT. The organisors were SarupRomil, Aravind(Dult), Archit, ManjushMadhusudhan and some others.
It was organised really well. They created an IRC channel and mailing list for the meet where students could ask anything and get their queries cleared. Also, lots of google goodies were distributed to keep the spirit high. :)
A nice description about GSoC was given by Sarup. Being a GSoCer himself, he has had a lot of experience and hence, he had the audience listening to everything that he had to say.  There were a lot of people in the house who were completely new to open source, so a brief introduction was given about open source programming. Many curious and excited students shared what skills they had and asked about what they could start working with. Archit and Arvind cleared some other usual misconceptions that people have about hacking and open source. And Manjush was busy handling the mailing list and channel and the Git requests.

Throughout the meet, people were logged into the IRC channel, posting comments and queries. The last discussion was about Git and Github. Students installed Git on their laptops and created their own Github accounts after which they were guided through the usage of Git. This is how everyone got a hang of what open source actually is. Romil was walking around everywhere(mainly the girls :P) clearing all the doubts about the whole installation and usage process. Sarup gave a list of all the sites that could be useful for learning more and contributing to open source. 

After this event, I went around asking people for their feedback. People loved it and I'm sure that they found it as useful as I did. Although the meet up was a success, not many girls turned up. I don't understand why most of the open source contributers come from the male population. Women must stand up for such events. From now, this would be something I will work on improving. Apart from that, I think things went on pretty smooth. :) And that was the last activity of the Tknow club for the semester! 
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