Monday, 2 December 2013

Funny moments that amaze me.

"Best things in the world are free"

These best things are all around you. You probably don't even realize it. Don't feel useless already, I didn't realize it either. But today, I know what these best things are in my life. And it makes me happy that I finally know their value. Yes, I am talking about friends, I am talking about family. 

I am experiencing a weird feeling, the feeling that you get when you leave your friends and go back home to your family. I never imagined that I would get such friends who would actually make me feel like family. And we never give this feeling much importance. But it deserves more than that.

Today as I was loading my friends' luggage into the cab, I didn't know whether I should hug them and wish them a great holiday, or tell them that I'm really going to miss being with them! The rain was just making it all the more emotional. Although I don't tell you that you guys really matter to me, here I am publishing it out to the world! I love you and you are nothing less than a family :) Anagha, Alekhya, Ananthalakshmi (probably the first time I'm calling out your actual names) 

It's funny how time flies by. I remember making my holiday plans a month back and wishing I could fast forward the time in between. But I guess I didn't need any superpower for that. This whole semester was just a blink. So many events, so many holidays, so much fun, and then there were exams, like a truckload of them. That's why they say, "Give it time and everything will pass". Time is magical.
I felt so happy seeing so many happy smiling laughing faces all around the campus. The "smile to make others happy" does work. :)
Just imagine, if this happiness actually came at the start of the sem rather than on the last day, the world would be a better place. If only everything could work the way we want it to, I'm sure we would do wonders. This gen has the power, damn right it does! So my fellow beings, let's take a step ahead, and do something new, something that will take us closer to our dreams. Spread the word! Let this month bring you lots of surprises.

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  1. Aww! Kuppi! We love you loads too! :D <3
    And I couldn't agree more, I associate you three to the word 'sisters' more than 'friends'.
    *cheezy line alert* You three turn my grey skies to blue! :') :P
    ( I guess, this is the first time we're saying good things to each other publicly and not beind each other's backs. x'D )