Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Learn Bull-Shitting from me.

Landed in Bangalore two days ago, and it seems like a month.
This city can be unbelievably annoying sometimes. 
Okay, so you probably are wondering why I have chosen such a heading for this post. Let me explain:
I reached here yesterday morning. The weather was heavenly, with a touch of winter breeze. I reached home and had a bowl of my favorite cereal. Then I decided to go on a long drive with my parents, which was again awesome.
I just felt like so relaxed and relieved that I was finally back home.
Everything in my life was going at its normal pace until evening. My sister got back home from school and tricked me into agreeing to go out somewhere.
We went to a mall on my scooty for a cup of hot chocolate. Then, two things happened:

1. Unfortunately, I don't have a good knowledge of parking. I parked my scooty in a no-parking area.
2. The hot chocolate sucked.

We had got a time frame of about an hour to get back home. It was already forty-five minutes since we had got there. So, we decided to leave, only to find that our scooty got towed. In the next ten minutes, we were standing in front of the police station. -_-

(Ofcourse we got it back+we were super late)

I had not yet recovered from this mini heart attack but the next morning decided to give me a serious one. I had to drop my sister to school. I quickly put on a jacket and slipped my phone and ipod in the pockets. 
Keeping in mind what had happened last night, I carefully kept my license with me and decided not to stop anywhere else.
I drop her and get back home. 
I keep the scooty keys in its place.
I keep my shoes in the shoe-rack.
I keep my license on my table.
I keep my ph--
Wait, my phone?

Yes, this is what happened. I dropped my so very precious phone somewhere on the streets. My heart stopped beating for more than a second.
All I could think of was, How could I! 
Anger, Confusion, Frustration, Irritation, Fear.

(Want to know the end? --> I kept calling and after half an hour a guy picked up and told me to take it from him and give him some cash.)

This, is the beginning of my vacation. I need to STOP bull-shitting around.

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