Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Watch your back. Be alive!

Hi guys, here I am with yet another post. Now this is something that is just out of a growing concern for the safety of women runners in Bangalore, actually, pretty much any city.
I go for outdoor running on a daily basis. In the beginning I used to go around the city on the roads, but since I almost died in an accident once, I decided to limit it to the endless parks in the garden city. Presently, I go to this park that is around 20 minutes from my house, and is pretty big. There are people of all age groups who come there for different purposes. Majority are the old people who come for walking and chatting with the other oldies. Apart from these, there are all kinds of people out there who land up in the parks. I have seen girls who walk in wearing a pair of tight jeans and high heels and start walking around trying to exercise. I have seen guys who walk around conversating on their phones, and the tone of the conversation somehow convinces people that it has to be a woman on the other end. There are couples who come to the parks to sit and waste their time in trying to flirting with each other. And then, there are those weird creepy looking guys, whose motive seems to be just to give you those scary eye-gauging stares and drive you away.  This set of people is who you should look out for. 
There is always atleast one guy everyday whom I suspect to be following me or clicking my pictures or something like that. This is because, I have been made to believe that this world is a cruel place for women. Men are evil (Ofcourse not all). I hope you know about the ATM incident that took place in Bangalore last week. If you don't, google it. It is just so shocking. It shook my entire universe. Innocent people get killed, girls get raped. And this can just happen to anyone. All this makes life very insecure for women in cities, especially if you are like me, running in parks and wandering off on your own. And sadly, there is no particular solution. You have to look out for trouble and take care. In this, Impulse plays a big role. You should take immediate action even if you have the slightest of suspicion. 
And NEVER look back at a guy if he is staring at you. Because this kind of gives them something to use against you. Ignore and pretend like you don't know anything unless it gets serious. Always carry some weapon in your bag. This can be anything from a fork to a nail cutter. Even keys can come in handy. Just keep in mind that in this case, you should never think before acting. A second can save your life, a second can also take it away. So,use your time wisely, and be safe. 

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